Clearly IP™ offers a fully integrated SMS and MMS solution when bundled with the Incredible PBX SIP Trunking platform. All inbound SMS messages are included at no cost with local U.S. and Canada numbers. Outbound SMS is charged at .009 per message. Inbound and Outbound MMS messaging is also available for 0.015 per message. Inbound messages are delivered directly into FreePBX® which allows interaction with SMS and MMS messages directly through the User Control Panel (UCP). The Clearly Anywhere mobile and desktop clients allow viewing and sending of messages through Incredible PBX when paired with any SIP trunking provider that hooks into the FreePBX messaging system such as Incredible PBX/Clearly IP SIP Trunks.

Enabling SMS/MMS on Incredible PBX/Clearly IP SIP Trunks

To enable SMS/MMS messaging with Incredible PBX/Clearly IP SIP trunks, begin by logging into the Incredible PBX SIP Trunking portal. Once logged in, navigate to Products and Services > Locations. Select the location to edit by clicking on its binoculars icon. When the Locations page displays, scroll down to the SMS/MMS Services widget. Click on the slider bar to enable SMS/MMS for this location. Within a minute or so, all of the DIDs associated with this location will turn orange indicating that SMS/MMS has been enabled. A popup message also will be displayed in your browser once SMS/MMS has been enabled for this location.

Activating SMS/MMS Messaging with Clearly Trunking

To enable SMS/MMS messaging with Clearly Anywhere, log into the Incredible PBX GUI and navigate to Connectivity > Clearly Trunking. Click the Green Refresh button to tell Incredible PBX to reach out to Clearly IP to retrieve a list of numbers that are SMS capable. Edit each SMS-capable DID to specify which users can use SMS/MMS messaging within the User Control Panel. Save and Apply Changes once finished.

Activating User Control Panel (UCP) Messaging

Next, log into the User Control Panel and choose Add Widget > SMS Widget. For DIDs activated in the previous section, you now can add Side Bar Widgets as desired. Once activated, you can click Start Conversation to begin an SMS/MMS dialogue. Messages sent and received now will appear in the conversation window.

Enabling SMS/MMS Messaging with Clearly Anywhere

Currently, only a single DID can be designated for SMS/MMS Messaging within Clearly Anywhere per user. In the Incredible PBX GUI, navigate to Admin > User Management. Select a User for SMS number assignment and then click the Clearly Anywhere tab. Under the General section, Enable Messaging and, from the drop down of SMS Numbers, pick the number to assign to this user. Save and Apply Settings when done.

Clearly Anywhere Mobile Messaging

In the Clearly Anywhere application, click the Message icon to begin an SMS/MMS session using the DID number assigned in the previous section. Click the Green + icon to start a new conversation with a new contact or number for the first time. Messages are pushed from Incredible PBX once a minute.