Callcentric Trunking with Incredible PBX 2020/2021

If you’re looking for the least expensive phone number providing unlimited incoming calls at no cost, Callcentric’s Dollar Unlimited Plan for $1 a month is the best deal on the planet. You can choose from several area codes in the U.S., probably not your local area code. But in the cellphone era, nobody much cares. If you plan to order multiple DIDs from CallCentric, we recommend creating an Extension to manage each of your DIDs.

DEMO LINE: Check out CallCentric voice quality on this demo line featuring Lenny: 1-631-251-7122

Configuring DIDs and SIP Trunking at Callcentric

After signing up for a Callcentric account and adding funding, you will be assigned a Callcentric number 1777xxxxxxx which will display on your Dashboard.

Click on the RECEIVE CALLS tab and sign up for one or more DIDs. The Dollar Unlimited Plan is one of the options.

Click on the Extensions tab and add a new Extension. It will be of the the format: 1777xxxxxxx101. Assign a Password to the Extension as well as one of the DIDs you ordered above. Accept the remaining defaults and SAVE your extension setup.

Click on the Call Forwarding tab and direct your DID calls to the extension created above.

Click on the MAKE CALLS tab and choose a plan for processing outgoing calls. The IP Freedom Plan is free and allows you to make free calls to other Callcentric numbers as well as to other VoIP networks.

In Preferences -> Security, we strongly recommend restricting use of your Callcentric account to the IP address of your PBX. It’s your phone bill.

Make note of your Callcentric Extension Number and Password which you will need to create a Trunk on Incredible PBX.

Configuring a PJsip Trunk on Incredible PBX 2020/2021

Login to the FreePBX GUI with your admin credentials, and navigate to Connectivity -> Trunks -> Add PJsip Trunk. Name the trunk callcentric.

In the PJsip Settings -> General tab, fill in the template with the following entries. Accept the remaining defaults.

Username: Your-CallCentric-Extension-Number
Secret: Your-Callcentric-Extension-Password
SIP Server: sip.callcentric.net
Context: from-pstn-toheader

In the PJsip Settings -> Advanced tab, fill in the template with the following entries. Accept the remaining defaults.

Contact User: Your-Callcentric-Extension-Number
From Domain: sip.callcentric.net
From User: Your-Callcentric-Extension-Number
Match (Permit):,

Save the Trunk settings and reload the dialplan when prompted.

The Outbound Route to process Callcentric calls must include the CallerID Number of the DID purchased from Callcentric. For U.S./Canada 10-digit calling, the Prepend, Prefix, Dial Patterns should be as follows: 1,leave-blank,NXXNXXXXXX.

The Inbound Route to process incoming calls from your Callcentric DID should specify your 11-digit DID and assign the incoming call destination as desired.

WhiteListing CallCentric in IPtables Firewall

REMINDER: Make sure you WhiteList the CallCentric IP addresses in the IPtables firewall:

/root/add-ip ip-callcentric1
/root/add-ip ip-callcentric2