Q: Where can I download Incredible PBX?
A: Click on the Products or Downloads tabs for download links. MB file sizes are actually GB.

Q: Can I test Incredible PBX features without dedicating a server?
A: Yes! Incredible PBX tutorials and turnkey images are available for VirtualBox and VMware.

Q: On what platforms can I run Incredible PBX?
A: In addition to the virtual machine platforms above, Incredible PBX runs on any cloud platform supporting Debian 10, Ubuntu 20.04, or CentOS 7 as well as on a Raspberry Pi or on almost any on-premise Intel-compatible hardware using these same operating systems. Click on the Home tab for tutorials or the Providers tab for Cloud platform suggestions.

Q: Where can I see how far I can go with Incredible PBX?
A: Roll up your sleeves and visit Nerd Vittles for the latest tutorials. Download the Application User’s Guide here .

Q: How can I get involved in the Incredible PBX community?
A: Sign up for a free account on the VoIP-Info.org forum .

Q: Is this really free?
A: Yes, it’s all Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). The license is AGPL, GPLv2, or GPLv3 for most components.

Q: Who owns/manages TikiWiki?
A: It’s a community-managed project. You are invited to help!

Q: How can I find out more?
A: Visit the VoIP-info.org forum .