Cloud Provider 1GB RAM KVM Recommendations 

  • Vultr ($5-$6/month using Incredible PBX 2021 Marketplace image; +20% addl/mo. with backups)
  • Digital Ocean ($5-$6/month using CentOS 7 or Debian 10 image; +20% addl/mo. with backups)
  • CrownCloud (~$2/month using Incredible PBX image with Debian 10 or CentOS 7; free snapshot)
  • OVH ($3.50/mo. using CentOS 7 or Debian 10; +$1.10/mo. with snapshot)
  • HostMedia UK (£11.25/year with weekly snapshot) Coupon code: 1LA6WGW6TC expires 12/3/2021

Cloud Alternatives Without Backups 

  • RackNerd ($13.98/year with 1GB RAM/20GB SSD/2TB BW)
  • RackNerd ($14.88/year with 1GB RAM/25GB SSD/4TB BW)
  • CWVPS ($24.95/year with 2GB RAM/30GB SSD/Unlim BW)
  • RackNerd ($24.98/year with 2GB RAM/35GB SSD/4TB BW)
  • RackNerd ($27.88/year with 2.5GB RAM/50GB SSD/6TB BW)
  • Hostodo ($29.99/year with 1GB RAM/25GB SSD/4TB BW)
  • Google Cloud (using CentOS 7 or Debian 10 image)
  • Cloud At Cost (using CentOS 7.5 or Debian 10 image) Buyer Beware

Virtual Machine Platform Images 

Mission-Critical VoIP Providers 

Other VoIP Provider Alternatives 

Softphone Provider Recommendations 

Mobile Cellphone Extensions for Asterisk