Cloud Provider Recommendations 

  • Vultr ($5/month using Incredible PBX 2021 image; +$1.00/mo. with backups)
  • Digital Ocean ($5/month using CentOS 7 or Debian 10 image; +$1.00/mo. with backups)
  • CrownCloud (~$2/month using Incredible PBX image with Debian 10 or CentOS 7; free snapshot)
  • HotlineServers (~$3/month using Coupon Code: voip2021; +$0.80/mo. daily offsite backups)
  • OVH ($3.50/mo. using CentOS 7 or Debian 10; +$1.10/mo. with snapshot)

Cloud Alternatives Without Backups 

Virtual Machine Platform Images 

VoIP Provider Recommendations 

Other VoIP Provider Alternatives 

Softphone Provider Recommendations 

Mobile Cellphone Extensions for Asterisk