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Incredible PBX is an open source, GPL aggregation which bundles industry-leading components to provide a production-ready, turnkey unified communications VoIP platform with support for SIP and IAX. IncrediblePBX® includes a choice of CentOS®, Rocky®, Debian®, Ubuntu®, or Raspbian® operating systems coupled with the Apache® web server, PHP®, MariaDB®/MySQL® DBMS, SendMail® or Exim® mail server, HylaFax®/AvantFax®, WebMin®, OpenVPN®, NeoRouter® VPN, IPtables firewall plus Fail2Ban® and PortKnocker®, and the latest releases of Asterisk® and FreePBX®. It is the only aggregation offering the ability to customize and recompile Asterisk from source code with your choice of Asterisk versions. Versions of Incredible PBX can be deployed with on-premise hardware including the Raspberry Pi®, in the cloud on a variety of platforms, or on virtual machine platforms: VirtualBox®, VMware®. and Proxmox®.

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Incredible PBX is a registered trademark of Ward Mundy & Associates LLC. Asterisk and FreePBX are registered trademarks of Sangoma Technologies. All program components are copyrighted, trademarked, and licensed by their respective developers or companies. Come join us on Mastodon.