Configuring E911 with Incredible PBX

There are two important steps to enable E911 service with Incredible PBX. First, you must enable E911 service with your Trunk Provider. Second, you must configure Incredible PBX using the FreePBX GUI to route 911 calls to the Trunk Provider you configured in Step #1. Do NOT test E911 service by dialing 911 from an extension on your PBX. Instead, most providers offer an alternate number to test 911 connectivity without tying up 911 emergency services.

Enabling E911 Service with your Designated Trunk Provider

Every Trunk Provider has a different way of enabling E911 service and configuring it with one or more DIDs that you have purchased from that provider. You obviously must have an account and at least one DID with the trunk provider you intend to use for E911 service. Click the Providers tab above for some recommendations. Here are links to E911 configuration instructions for our recommended providers. Pay particular attention to the format of the CallerID Number that must be passed to the provider when placing a 911 call. Also make note of the provider’s alternate number for testing 911 access.

  • Skyetel (Test number: 933 using 11-digit CallerID of E911-registered DID)
  • ClearlyIP (Test number: 933 using 10-digit CallerID of E911-registered DID or 16-digit Dispatchable ID)
  • VoIP.ms (Test number: 1-555-555-0911 using 10-digit CallerID of E911-registered DID)

Configuring E911 Service on Your PBX

Login to the FreePBX GUI as admin and navigate to Connectivity -> Outbound Routes -> Add New Route. Enter the following in Route Settings tab:

Route Name: E911
Route CID: see DID format examples above
Override Extension: YES
Trunk Sequence: Name of E911 Trunk Provider

Click on the Dial Patterns tab and enter Match Patterns for 911 and the Test Number used by your Trunk Provider, e.g.

Match Pattern: 911
Match Pattern: 933
Match Pattern: 15555550911

Click Submit and Reload Dialplan when prompted.

IMPORTANT: You’re not finished. Drag your new Outbound Route to the top of your Outbound Routes list AND Reload Dialplan when prompted.

Finally, test emergency access to your trunk provider using the provider’s TEST NUMBER.