Implementing a Stealth AutoAttendant

As the name implies, the idea behind the Stealth AutoAttendant is to play a generic greeting to callers while giving you and others you inform a chance to press a key on your phone to redirect the incoming call to a specific destination on Incredible PBX. The default greeting says, “Thank you for calling. Please hold a moment while we locate someone to take your call.” During that greeting and for several seconds afterward, you can press a number on your phone that corresponds to an IVR option you have predefined on your PBX.

Setting up the IVR in FreePBX would look something like what is shown below. Navigate to Applications -> IVR to get started. Create a new IVR using the nv-GenericWelcome as your Announcement. You can follow the IVR Demo template provided with Incredible PBX if you need some hints on how to set up an IVR. Or you can follow the IVR Tutorial for more tips.